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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Response to President Obama's State of The Union.

Hey guys! The State of The Union adress just finished up, and you may have been keeping up with my live blog on this website and on my twitter page. So I am going to give my response to the adress tonight. To begin with I was impressed with the bipartisanship between the Democrats and Republicans and the seating. Now to the speech, in my opinion one word explains it, flat. The speech had nothing special to it and I felt like many things were not said. I was especially upset about the lack of addressing the debt problem. As you know from my show the national debt is a huge part of my show, and I was very disappointed with that. Now that I have said this, I thought that the overall speech was also fairly bland. The whole adress just seemed flat and frankly in the words of John King "boring". The beginning of the adress was strong, but it was fairly downhill from there. The Republican Response(s) will be coming up soon, and I will be watching that closely. I will have more on my next show which will be live this Monday. Thanks!

-Chase Schaub

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